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Special Offer! The Guitar of Blaze Foley $19.95 or $9.95 Single Songs

Song include: If I Could Only Fly, Clay Pigeons, Election Day, Oh Darlin’, Our Little Town

TAB PDF included with each tune.

Special Offer! Beginner’s Fingerpicking Guitar $9.95

Eight-part series on beginner fingerpicking teaching the Mississippi John Hurt classic “C.C. Rider” and Lightnin’ Hopkins’ “Mojo Hand” at a pace easily followed by anyone!

Special Offer! Fingerpicking Basics Series 3 lesson bundle $19.95
Follow up to “Beginner’s Fingerpicking Guitar” featuring songs: Nine Pound Hammer, Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor, and Stocktime

Fingerpicking Series

Standard Tuning

Open G/A Tuning

Open D/E Tuning

Fingerpicking Christmas Classics: Level 1/2

Bottleneck Slide Series

Open G/A Tuning

Open D/E Tuning

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Mississippi Hill Country Blues Guitar

Open G Tuning
Black Cat Bone (Jessie Mae Hemphill)
Dough Roller Blues (Ranie Burnette)
That’s Alright (Fred McDowell)
Poor Black Mattie (R.L. Burnside)

Standard Tuning
Jumper Hanging Out On The Line (R.L. Burnside)
Meet Me In The City (Junior Kimbrough)

Open D Tuning
Standing In The Doorway Crying (Jessie Mae Hemphill)
I’m Crazy About You Baby (Fred McDowell)

Crossnote Tuning
Count The Days Until I’m Gone (Rosa Lee Hill)

837-8 Amray Cover

Masters of Bottleneck Blues Guitar

Open G Tuning
Nappy Headed Blues (Bobby Grant)
C.C. Rider (Lead Beally)
Depot Blues (Charley Lincoln)
Love Changing Blues (Blind Willie McTell)
No No Blues (Curley Weaver)
Yo Yo Blues (Barbecue Bob)
You Can’t Keep No Brown (Bo Weevil Jackson)

Open D Tuning
Down On My Bended Knee (King Solomon Hill)
Falling Down Blues (Furry Lewis)
Homesick and Lonesome Blues (Blind Boy Fuller)
The Jailhouse Blues (Sam Collins)
Boogie Woogie Dance (Tampa Red)
No Woman, No Nickel (Bumble Bee Slim)
Rainy Night Blues (Kokomo Arnold)
Shake It Gal (Ramblin’ Thomas)
Skin Game Blues (Peg Leg Howell)

Roots of Robert Johnson

Standard Tuning
Lead Pencil Blues (Johnnie Temple)
Blue Day Blues (Scrapper Blackwell)
Life Saver Blues (Lonnie Johnson)

Open G Tuning
Police Station Blues (Peetie Wheestraw)
My Black Mama (Son House)
Roll and Tumble Blues (Hambone Willie Newburn)

Open D Tuning
Preaching the Blues (Son House)

Crossnote Tuning
Devil Got my Woman (Skip James)

Bottleneck Gospel Guitar

Open D Tuning
Jesus Is On The Mainline (Fred McDowell)
Wished I Was In Heaven (Robert Wilkins)
Why Don’t You Live So God Can Use You (Muddy Waters)
I Am In The Heavenly Way (Bukka White)
It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine (Blind Willie Johnson)
I Got To Cross That River of Jordan (Blind Willie McTell)

Open G Tuning
Gospel Train Is Coming (Edward W. Clayborn)
There’ll Be Glory (Edward W. Clayborn)
Lord I’m Discouraged (Charley Patton)
I’m Going Home (Charley Patton)