About Tom Feldmann’s Online Guitar Lessons

In a nutshell, the online guitar lesson site was created so that you could take guitar lessons with Tom Feldmann 24/7.

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About Tom Feldmann

tom“His are some of the best picked blues I’ve heard, and I’ve heard lots!” – Jorma Kaukonen (Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane)

Tom Feldmann has immersed himself in Country Blues for over 20yrs, spending untold hours dissecting original recordings by everyone from Charley Patton to Skip James, Bukka White to – yes, of course – Robert Johnson.  At the age of 38, Feldmann is a highly sought after performer and instructor most noted for his work with Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch,  Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop,  Acoustic Guitar Magazine and Vintage Guitar Magazine.

“As a teacher, Feldmann is ideal; as a blues historian, he’s downright heroic. His understanding and explanation of the country blues greats is masterful.” – Vintage Guitar Magazine, Michael Dregni, 2014

Tom Feldmann began performing in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area when he was 19yrs old which led to his first CD release in 1999 and several years of touring full time throughout North America.  Now, Feldmann splits his time between his musical work and life at home with his wife and 2 daughters age 9 and 6.

In 2015, Feldmann launched his own online guitar lesson site (playcountryblues.com) that offers lessons on Delta/Country Blues, Gospel, Bottleneck slide and general fingerpicking.

Be sure to check out Tom Feldmann’s tour and workshop schedule as well as his new CD, Dyed In The Wool.

Also, you can find his 15 DVD lessons, produced by Stefan Grossmans Guitar Workshop, at guitarvideos.com.


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layitonyou1999 – Lay It On You

2011 – Guitar of Blind Willie Johnson

drunkmansdream2001 – Drunk Man’s Dream

2011 – Gospel Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt

2001 – Cedar Falls Sessions

832 Amray Cover2011 – Bottleneck Gospel Guitar

livelastnight2002 – Live…Last Night

2012 – Bottleneck Slide Guitar for Beginners

driventomyknees2005 – Driven To My Knees

842-3 Amray Cover2012 – Guitar of Son House

Side Show Revival_CDcover2007 – Side Show Revival

2012 – Guitar of Bukka White

Pedal Steel Heaven_CDcover2007 – Pedal Steel Heaven

2012 – Guitar of Fred McDowell

Tin Roof Sky_CDcover2008 – Tin Rooy Sky

837-8 Amray Cover2012 – Masters of Bottleneck Blues Guitar

tribute2010 – Tribute (Gospel Sides of..)

2013 – Guitar of Charlie Patton

lone_wolf_blues_cover2012 – Lone Wolf Blues

2013 – Delta Blues Guitar from Dockery Plantation

cover_smallformat_hires2014 – Delta Blues & Spirituals

2014 – Guitar of Robert Johnson

2017 – Dyed In The Wool

Roots of Robert Johnson2014 – Roots of Robert Johnson

2014 – Guitar of Skip James

Hill Country2015 – Mississippi Hill Country Blues Guitar

2015 – Guitar of Frank Stokes