Zoom Lessons

Looking for private lessons?  Contact tom@playcountryblues.com to set up a free video consult.

Consultation will take 10-20min and we will discuss your goals, what you might be struggling with, what you are currently playing and what you’d like to be learning…in short, a friendly conversation to formulate a plan of action.

You will also be asked to play something, 30 seconds is usually enough, so I can better get a sense of where you are and how I can best help.

We will also book your lesson session time slot during the consultation.

Price: $75 for 45min-1hour session

  • Lessons will take place using 2 HD cameras to clearly see both left and right hands.
  • Recording the session is permitted.
  • Payment is due before each lesson session and will be payable through Paypal.
  • Payment is for the lesson session only and does not include membership access to playcountryblues.com.
  • Lessons are non-refundable after the session has taken place.  Refunds will only be issued if cancellation notice is given before lesson session begins.
  • Technology does not always cooperate.  If internet connection is lost, or interrupted, and lesson session cannot continue, we will reschedule the session.  (Please note that if connection is lost as we are wrapping up the session; that does not qualify for a rescheduled session at no charge.)

Additional questions please contact: tom@playcountryblues.com

Need a gift?  Digital Gift Cards can be used for private Zoom lessons ($75 per session) or 6month ($75) and 1year ($150) subscriptions to playcountryblues.com. Recipients should email tom@playcountryblues.com to redeem Gift Card