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  1. AvatarKenny Butler

    Tom Feldmann’s Robert Johnson workshop was fantastic! Tom is a real master artist/teacher/performer.

    He created an atmosphere that was both focused and open leading us through every detail after demonstrating each song with calm ease. Tom matches the control of his instrument with his ability to guide a group of guitarists through all the techniques and parts of a song while fielding questions along the way. The day seemed to flow in a casual-focused direction while Tom unlocked the secrets behind the music and guitar playing of the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson.

    There were other secrets Tom revealed but you will either have to make a deal with the devil to discover them or sign up for one of Tom’s workshops. I’m fortunate I chose the latter option.

    Kenny Butler

  2. Avatarjonireland

    Hey, just finished the Texas Music Lessons workshop and I was very impressed. Great experience. Fantastic people very supportive and comfortable to be around. Thanks to Mark really great venue and great host, also his input and interaction during the workshop were very valuable. And then theres Tom, great teacher, very patient, focused, very easy to get along with, and he knows how to get right to the heart of the particular song your working on, oh and what a great guitar player it really hits you live. I would highly recommend attending one of these workshops they are a great time and I’m already planning on going back.

  3. AvatarDoug Gillespie

    I recently attended the Hill Country Blues workshop, and can’t speak highly enough of the experience. Yes, we learned songs from a variety of musicians, so it was not a single style that we studied, but Tom delved into what made each unique. More than just the notes, there was a lot of focus on “simply” the vibe and rhythm – overall, but also as each artist approached it. Then, there’s Tom, who besides being a great teacher, was welcoming, friendly, and encouraging – important as there was a wide variety of skill levels. He pulled off the trick of encouraging the beginners without holding the experienced players back. Finally, it was a very friendly group, where everyone felt welcome, which not only made it a fun place to be, but bolstered the learning experience.

  4. Avatartpevear

    I took the Robert Johnson class this past weekend, and the whole experience was great. Tom is a warm, patient, and kind teacher, taking the time to not only show you all the techniques of the songs you are learning, but also answer a wide variety of questions on any number of things regarding the music he plays. It’s as much fun playing the guitar and learning the songs, as it is to sit and listen to him answer questions – you’re learning the whole time! Additionally, the supporting materials ensure that once you get home, all that you covered is not forgotten. He really goes above and beyond by sending you videos of the songs you covered and putting together a tab booklet. The studio where the class is held is such a cool place to hang out, and Mark, the owner is awesome to have as a host.

  5. Avatarjjpetter@gmail.com

    If you have ever thought about attending one of these workshops, I encourage you to sign up, and do it now. If you haven’t thought about it, but love this type of music, sign up now and attend one of these workshops. Attending a workshop was possibly the coolest, and one of the more rewarding things I’ve done. And I’m 62 and have done some pretty cool things. In the workshop you get all the great instruction you would expect plus hands-on correction, instant feedback, along with countless tips that might not fit within the context of a video lesson. Tom will challenge you to begin to think about things differently – thinking about progressions and patterns rather than just thinking about the tab we’re reading. Additionally, all those sidebar discussions and conversations that you’ll never get in a video lesson are awesome. I don’t see how anyone who loves this music and plays the guitar would not love this experience. It was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it. I’d like to add that the owner of the studio, Mark, is a very gracious and knowledgable host who has some great insight and stories that add appreciably to the experience. It’s really a no-brainer; if you like this stuff, you’ve got to go. I definitely got a lot out of it, and feel I am a better player now than before the workshop – and I’m only beginning to apply concepts I learned.

    Jeff P

  6. AvatarLarry Kirby

    I’ve been to two of these workshops, and I know some people might hesitate because it’s not cheap. Here are a few reasons why it’s 100% worth every dime, and you should beg, borrow, and steal to attend:

    1. Tom Feldmann. You get to spend a few hours with an attentive, caring instructor who WANTS you to get it. I get the sense that Tom legitimately wants his students to get as good as he is. It’s a privilege to be able to learn from a real master. I would normally have a hard time accessing an instructor like him. There just aren’t many.

    2. You don’t just learn songs. You learn how songs are constructed, and this is what separates Tom from most guitar teachers in my opinion. The lessons are directly and immediately portable to my own songwriting. I initially hesitated because I didn’t want to spend a ton of time learning other people’s songs and would rather write my own. But my own songs got better from learning these picking techniques.

    3. You also learn how much work it takes to get truly great at anything, because Tom freely shares his process. He will spend a year working on learning an artist’s work, note for note. It’s a reminder for me when I get frustrated that my own playing is coming along slowly. Just keep working.

    4. The other folks taking the course have been friendly and fun. Don’t be intimidated, everyone is super nice.

    5. You listen to music differently after you’re done. It changed my ear, even with songs I’ve known forever.

    …And you get to spend time at Underwood Recording, which is an amazing space.

  7. AvatarRoger Waage

    I attended the Fingerpicking session this past weekend. Tom is an excellent teacher and he is able to get the best out of any level of guitar player. It was a very comfortable, relaxed session. He told stories and anecdotes which added to the session but also walked us through some music theory without making it intimidating. I would highly recommend this workshop if you are interested in improving your skills!

  8. AvatarJim Payne

    I highly recommend the weekend workshop. Tom has a kindness that is sincere and honest, his techniques and perspective on playing country blues are unique and exciting. You get a lot of practical ideas that you can use right away.

    A great teacher is warm, accessible and enthusiastic Tom exudes these qualities and its evident that he has a love of the country blues. The workshop provided the inspiration and motivation I was looking for to move forward in my playing.

    Mark was an awesome host he created a welcome atmosphere overall a chill experience with some very friendly fellow enthusiasts.

  9. AvatarRichard Raymond

    Having travelled from abroad and not knowing what to expect being my first guitar workshop, Tom’s friendly demeanour and easy going nature made this workshop a very comfortable and delightful experience. Great instruction from an incredible guitar player but more importantly taught by a kind and gracious person. I would highly recommend these workshops to the guitar player of all levels. Richard Raymond

  10. AvatarRick Schneider

    I just took Tom’s Fingerpicking Blues class this past weekend. I want to say without Reservation Tom’s workshop was above and beyond all my expectations. I was quite surprised when we got the listening list how much Tom wanted us to be ready for. I surprised myself by keeping up with some of the more seasoned players in the room. I didn’t get everything right away, but I understand the mechanics and really believe I will be playing most of these soon, with a little work. If you are thinking about it, take the plunge put down your deposit and get ready for one of the best teaching experiences you can find. You won’t be sorry. Tom is funny, knows some blues history stories, and spins it all while showing the ins and outs of tunes you wish you could play and soon will be playing.

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